Commemoration of the United Nations International Youth Day 2017


Jakarta, Indonesia – 12 August 2017


UPF-Indonesia in collaboration with Youth and Students for Peace (YSP), Indonesia organized a special 1-day workshop on the theme “Youth Building Peace” at the UPF Center in Jakarta on the occasion of the United Nations International Youth 2017 on Aug. 12, 2017. 30 participants gathered in the early morning for a day filled with lectures, discussions, brain games and lots of ice-breakers. The presentations included topics such as

  1. Principles of Peace
  2. True Love Vs. False Love
  3. The Way to Peace – How to Start

Participants intensively discussed the topic “Peace Starts With Me” in small groups and later presented their proposals to all participants.


In the Closing Session, participants positively reflected on their experience and what they learned throughout the day. All of them felt it was a rewarding experience and wish to participate in further UPF and YSP programs. 18 students had traveled over 50 kms from their university (Djuanda University in Bogor) and 1 high school student even fly in all the way from Jambi in Sumatra to join this international event. In the end, they all proudly displayed their participation certificates.


This special celebration of the UN International Youth Day was part of the regular youth leadership training program conducted by UPF & YSP, Indonesia. Every other Saturday, we conduct a 1-day workshop for young people from all backgrounds to become leaders with a vision of love, peace, harmony and social integration centering on Father Moon’s motto “One Family Under God.”


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