Inauguration of International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace Republic of Kiribati

Inauguration of International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace  Republic of Kiribati

On Thursday 7th December 2017, Dr Chung Sik Yong, Asia-Pacific Regional Group Chairman, Rev Shang Seon Park, UPF Oceania Regional Chairman and Greg Stone, Secretary-General of UPF Oceania arrived in Kiribati for the IAPP Kiribati Inauguration. They joined Dr Venus Agustin, President of the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) in the Philippines and Santosh Neupane President UPF Fiji. This international team were welcomed warmly by former President Anote Tong and his wife madam Tong as they shared lunch together.

The next day the UPF delegation met with the Minister of Education, Hon David Collie. The focus of that luncheon meeting was the introduction of the project called “From Zero to Hero Project” run by the IPLC and the prospect of having youth from Kiribati to participate.  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Memorandum of Agreement was discussed and well received by the Minister of Education and we are looking forward for the signing of the agreement between the Ministry of Education of Kiribati and IPLC.

After this, the UPF delegation was officially welcomed and introduced to the Members of Parliament in the House of Parliament by the Speaker of the Kiribati Parliament. He met with the delegation afterwards in his office and conveyed his support for the IAPP Inauguration.

The following day, on Saturday 9th December, the Inauguration of IAPP took place in the conference room of the Parliament. 22 MPs out of a total of 45, and 5 religious and civil society leaders came to the launch. Among them were the First President of Kiribati, the leader of the Government Party, and the leader of the Opposition.

Presentations included the “Family as the School of Love” and the “Zero to Hero Project”, a model program of Tong Il Moo Do in the Asia Pacific Region, run by the IPLC. Dr Yong gave the keynote speech outlining the vision of Father and Mother Moon and how it can be applied in Kiribati. Rev Park gave some stirring closing remarks.

10th of December 2017, Dr. Yong and the team was invited by his excellency Tong to go out fishing with him and on the last day, before flying back to Fiji, Dr. Yong officially recognized the former Minister of Trade and Commerce and currently a member of parliament Hon. Pinto Katia and his wife as the President of UPF Kiribati.

Dr. Chung Sik Yong and Rev. Park with his excellency Tong’s couple


Dr. Yong and the delegates welcome by the Speaker of the Parliament in his chamber.

The leader of the government party addressing the IAPP Kiribati



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