Providing Vision and Leadership for Nation-Building and Peace


“Providing Vision and Leadership for NationBuilding and Peace” 

Dr. Robert S. Kittel,

President, Youth and Students for Peace

This was the largest ever Asian Leadership Conference (ALC). Seminars have been held monthly or bi‑monthly for the past 11 years. This time there were 91 guests from 12 nations, including: Bangladesh 5, Cambodia 38, China 6, India 5, Kazakhstan 3, Kyrgyzstan 3, Laos 7, Malaysia 3, Nepal 3, Singapore 2, Thailand 12, and Uzbekistan 3. The conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, April 26 – 29, 2019.

Powerpoint presentations were displayed in three languages: English, Cambodian and Russian. In addition, audio translations were in Chinese and Thai.

Father and Mother Moon’s Universal Principles of Peace were the core of the educational program. However, the basic content was presented using both a religious and a secular approach. In other words, in presenting each of the main topics, quotes from the holy scriptures of the world’s religions as well as supporting sociological data were provided.

This wholistic approach was appealing to the audience since delegates most were public servants. Guests held a variety of public responsibilities, including (current and former): cabinet ministers, education ministers, members of parliament, governors, provincial council members, heads of departments, lawyers, mayors, CEOs, business entrepreneurs, district leaders, youth leaders, and teachers.

There were special presentations on both days. These included:

  • The Attributes of True Love, Dr. Chung-sik Yong, Regional Group Chair, Heavenly Asia-Pacific.
  • UPF Founders’ Peace Initiatives, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Chair, UPF and IAPP
  • A Case Study: Cambodia’s Family Education Program, Mr. Hajime Saito, Regional Director, UPF Indo-China.
  • Best Practices: Headwing Ideology, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Chair, UPF and IAPP
  • A Case Study: UPF’s Cooperation with the Thai Government, Mr. Kamol Thananopavarn, National Director, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Thailand.

The conclusion of the conference was an “Interfaith Peace Blessing.”





“I think that these teachings are helpful for all participants. When we return back home, we can concentrate our mind for our family (wife, son, daughter, grandson and granddaughter.)


“If we can make people in the society aware, especially our young people, with the beautiful and useful vision of our true father regarding the meaning of marriage, love and peace, then our families, societies and nations will be peaceful and beautiful.”


“I like the topic, ‘The Importance of Marriage and Family for Society,’ because love means give and forget. Before marriage à no sex; after marriage à no sex outside marriage.”


“All the sessions were very good. All speakers were excellent. The content gave me very good answers going forward. The entire conference was very well organized. So professional.”


“This (UPF) is a wonderful organization for building peace in the nation.”


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