Raising Young Leaders in Indonesia


The more I reflect about TM’s emphasis on the need to raise up a new generations of leaders, I realize that this is the most urgent issue for the future and development of our movement worldwide. Indonesia is no exception. Therefore, since the beginning of our mission in Indonesia in 2010, my husband and I together with the Indonesian members focused on Character Education (Living for the Sake of Others) and Pure Love Education in high schools and universities throughout the country. Schools and colleges welcome our programs as they are in support of the Indonesian government’s educational policy to focus on ‘National Character Building.’ Teachers and educators struggle to develop suitable curricula and train their teachers. Therefore, we were asked in universities such as teachers training colleges and schools to conduct teacher training programs.

In follow-up to these public programs at schools and colleges, we invite the students to come to our center for workshops and be trained as Youth Ambassadors for Peace. Most inspiring for the young Indonesians is to meet members of the Asian Leadership Training (ALT), learn about the ALT vision and become global leaders who live for the sake of others. Besides lectures and discussions, they have a lot of fun talking to the ALT members who come from the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, China and many other countries. They sing and dance together, conduct service projects like visiting orphanages and old age homes, grow challenge activities like climbing a volcano.  The cultural exchange programs such as visiting different religious institutions and participating together in activities conducted by other religions helps them understand and feel that all religions essentially have the same goal and we are truly One Family Under God. This is especially important for Indonesia, as it is a multi-religious and multi-cultural society but with a vast Muslim majority, and the government is concerned how to prevent radicalizing of its young people.

As the result of these efforts, we conducted an International Youth Convention with over 2,000 students at the University of North Sumatra last year and took over 20 young students for a Cultural Exchange Program in the Philippines at the time of the Asian Summit this year. Now these young Indonesian members who have found a new life through the Divine Principle and accepting TP continue the activities of ALT on their own.


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