UPF Character Education Programs


UPF staff and volunteers continuously teach young Indonesians the importance of developing their own character and become future leaders with the heart and mindset of serving the nation  instead of just looking for a lucrative career and personal enjoyment. There is a deeper level of happiness and satisfaction when we serve others and help them to find happiness in their lives.

On March 20, UPF Ambassador for Peace Mr. Agus Mulyana welcomed the UPF team to his university in Bogor, the prestigious Djuanda University located in the Greater Jakarta area. Students and lecturers responded with inquisitive and deep questions to the UPF presentation and expressed their desire to join the upcoming International Youth Convention (IYC) at the University of Indonesia. This was the first of the many upcoming UPF programs in preparation of the IYC by training volunteers and giving orientation to students on the benefits of attending this international event.

Another UPF team based in Medan traveled for 3 hours to Pematang Siantar, the second largest city in North Sumatra, and conducted 3 programs within the same day. Principals and teachers of the SMAN 3 government school and the local Methodist school immediately took up the offer by UPF staff and volunteers to provide free character education to their students. All of the 200 students responded with great interest and are eager to participate in further UPF activities.