On the Theme

“Building Harmonious Families – Our Shared Responsibility”

  1. Manado, North Sulawesi, Sept. 23-25, 2016

The first program of the UPF Indonesia National Tour 2016 on the theme “Building Harmonious Families-Our Shared Responsibility” was organized by the local Ambassadors for Peace in Manado, capital city of North Sulawesi. In the morning of Sept. 23, about 70 participants, mostly pastors, lecturers, teachers and students, gathered in the hall of our co-host, the Christian Student Movement of Indonesia (GMKI). North Sulawesi is a predominantly Christian province where people practice their Christian faith with great fervor.

Mr. Julianto Philip, GMKI Committee Member, warmly welcomed all participants. After a heartfelt Opening Prayer by the local coordinator of the program, Pastor Dantje Mumek, senior Ambassador for Peace Prof. Dr. ABG Rattu praised the objectives and purposes of UPF in his Opening Remarks and stressed that Indonesia needs the UPF philosophy of ‘Living for the sake of others’. The video introduction to UPF International made the audience understand the global scope of our activities and opened their minds to listen to the following presentations carefully.

Mr. Alfred Forno, Secretary General of UPF Indonesia, explained the various activities of UPF around the country. Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Secretary General of UPF Asia, outlined the UPF core principles of peace. She emphasized that Father Moon’s two mottos- ‘Living for the sake of others’ and ‘Absolute Sexual Morality”-are the foundation for building harmonious families. Without them, we will not be able to avoid conflict and the breakdown of family relationships. The students understood the importance of keeping sexual purity and made the Pure Love Pledge with full sincerity.

After a lively Q&A session, UPF appointed three new Ambassadors for Peace, all of them pastors and teachers of theology. Several pastors had traveled from another city to attend this special seminar and were so inspired that they determined to arrange a 3-day seminar in their home town.  They feel the need to study UPF’s philosophy of peace and family values more deeply in order to address the problems of immorality in their society, especially among the youth. One of them asked us if he could become a full-time member of UPF

The next day we held a 1-day Special Education Program in preparation of receiving Special Grace for two blessed families in Manado who also participated in the Sunday Service the following day. They were deeply inspired by the content and revived their faith and dedication to True Parents. Currently, we do not have any center leader in Manado, so we asked Pastor Dantje to conduct the Sunday Service in our absence.

To promote and speed up the work of UPF in Manado and North Sulawesi, we appointed Dr. Nico Gara, a prominent professor of theology and Ambassador for Peace who has already completed the 3-day Ceremony, as coordinator for the Peace Council in North Sulawesi. He is now facilitating the signing of an MOU between UPF and the state theological seminary for joint character building and family values education program at their institute.

  1. Gorontalo, Gorontalo Province, Sept. 26, 2016

Right after our arrival in Gorontalo, we rushed to SMA Muhammadiyah High School in Gorontalo to start our program. The Principal and staff were awaiting us and the program began as soon as the chief guest from the Gorontalo Education Service arrived. Two students prepared a spirited speech on religion and good character and presented it at the beginning of the program. Afterwards the VIPs gave their remarks:

  1. H. Abdul Rasyid, Education Service Gorontalo
  2. H. Arfan Tilome, Department of Religion, Gorontalo Province
  3. Asma Ulhusna Adam, Ambassador for Peace and local coordinator
  4. Syafrianto, Principal of SMA Muhammadiyah Gorontalo

The VIPs expressed their appreciation to the UPF team for coming all the way from Jakarta to teach their students the need to keep moral values and counter the negative influences of the media on the mindset of the youth.  Dr. H. Arfan Tilome told the local coordinator that he wishes to learn more about UPF.

Following the presentation of the Ambassador for Peace awards to the three VIPs and a short break for prayer (staff and students of this Muslim school are required to observe the 5 daily prayers), the main program began. Mr. Alfred Forno introduced UPF Indonesia to an audience of 70 teachers and students, then Mrs. Ursula McLackland gave her presentation on the conference theme. Afterwards, the participants were given a chance to pose questions to the presenters and the program concluded with a photo session. It is always very exciting for teachers and students to have their picture taken with a foreigner!

In the late afternoon, the local coordinator Mrs. Asma arranged for the UPF team to introduce our character education programs to the Provincial Education Service of Gorontalo. The staff listened carefully and decided to invite us for a 1-day program in the near future. Afterwards, they will evaluate our curriculum and discuss how to collaborate on long term basis. We appointed Mrs. Asma as the UPF Peace Council coordinator for Gorontalo.

The objectives of this National Tour are as follows:

  1. Find a ‘John the Baptist’ person to work with us in each province and educate them through the Asian Leadership Conferences (ALC) in Bangkok, especially about the Blessing Movement so that we can start HTM activities around the country.
  2. Appoint a UPF Peace Council coordinator in each province to coordinate UPF programs in follow up to the National Tour making a substantial nation-wide foundation.
  3. To make a foundation for young people to join the 7-day DP workshop in Jakarta to become core members and build up a nation-wide membership foundation, first strengthening Manado and Medan centers and then expand to other cities.
  4. Make a nation-wide spiritual foundation by burying Holy Earth in each of the 34 Holy Grounds that were made by a previous National Leader.